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Ever Get Rest?

Most adults with ADHD would agree that having ADHD equals feeling stressed and overwhelmed daily! We can be perfectionists, trying to stay a few steps ahead, so that we don’t fall several steps behind. Or we might be escape artists, trying to run away from all our troubles! What if we didn’t have to do either?

The thought of rest can be such a foreign topic. As people who are not neurotypical, we have a hard time regulating ourselves. We often have too little or too much of everything, especially focus and attention. It might take a while to get going in the morning, but once we do, we absolutely want to keep rolling, often with an all-or-nothing mentality.

We don’t always have the awareness to recognize that we haven’t eaten in a long time, or we haven’t taken that aspirin early on. Only when it’s three hours later and our head is still splitting do we realize our mistake.

Sometimes, we leave everything to the last minute, creating a deadline. This raises dopamine and adrenaline, which does help to get things done. But after the fact, we collapse out of weariness.

Or we might feel undeserving, treating ourselves harshly for having a brain wiring that is isn’t our fault.

The truth is, we do need stimulation and a measure of excitement to wake up our brains. Plus, there is always so much to catch up on! Maybe you have asked yourself these questions more than once: “How could I possibly slow down enough to rest?” or “What would it even look like?”

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a physician specializing in internal medicine, who sought answers regarding life balance when she reached the point of burnout during her residency. She pondered the area of rest. What were the areas of rest that made for a balanced life? And how would discovering rest in critical areas affect wellness?

She discovered not only the importance of rest, but of seven different types of rest! Experiencing rest in any of the seven areas would cause her patients and herself to feel restored and re-energized!

Dr. Dalton-Smith breaks rest into seven areas: Physical, Mental, Social, Emotional, Sensory, Spiritual, and Creative. You can take her free rest assessment at

Where do you need to restore and recoup your energy? When we add something into our lives that fulfills us, it often allows us to do all of the other necessary tasks of life! Living with ADHD exacts a price. What would downtime look like for you?

As Winnie the Pooh states in the classic film, Christopher Robin, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something!”

A coach can support you in “finding that very best something!” Click here to request your free consultation today!

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