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Life Been a Little Bumpy?

Last month, we took a look at why setting and achieving goals can be difficult. Now we'll consider a tool that can help to identify the goals you want to achieve.

The Wheel of Life is an excellent tool that supports you in setting goals by taking a snapshot of your life today. The wheel is a circle that divides your life into eight sections. Categories covered in the wheel might include areas such as financial, social, personal growth, work, recreation, home environment, etc. Within each category, you have the chance to assess where you are and rate yourself on a scale of 1-10. Once you rate the area, you can color it in, creating the spokes on your wheel. Then, take a look at the chart and ask yourself: How easily can your wheel of life turn?

You will begin to see which areas of your life satisfy you and which areas need improvement. The wheel of life is a good indicator of just how much balance you have in your life. Today’s fast-paced world can knock us off balance, and we’re not aware that we’ve neglected things that are important to us.

A blank wheel can be personalized to create categories that apply specifically to you. For example, you might dedicate an entire wheel to self-care or personal growth. The wheel helps you identify not only what you value, but also helps you ask the question, “Am I living according to the things I say that I value?” While many of us may say that we value our spouses, how much time are we actually spending with them? People with ADHD can especially benefit from generating such awareness about their lives.

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