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Out of Isolation and Into Community

The power of unity. Many coming together as one. The glory of the human voice! The breath of life that sustains us!

Last week my husband and I were privileged to attend a service and concert, featured as part of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians conference. The evensong at St. Paul's Church featured a marvelous children's choir. We reveled in the purity and innocence of their young voices. Later that evening we heard the world renown King's Singers, a 6-part men's a Capella group from the UK. The beauty and wonder of choral singing is that is a collaborative effort. Together we can do what none of us could do alone. Each voice is of vital importance and valuable to the whole. Together we create great music as it was meant to be sung.

Who are your people and where is your community? Where is it that you can go to share your story, in a safe setting, where people "get it"?

Since the new DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) in 2013, many adults are being diagnosed with ADHD for the first time. Embracing a diagnosis that has the word, "deficit" in its title can be a challenge. Yet, when you have struggled for years at home, in school, in relationships, and on the job, you are ready for a new way. Coming out of isolation and into community is key!

Three years ago I started an adult Support Group to empower adults with ADHD, through education, resources, and community. In an educational support group, you receive tools and practical skills that help you to not only to navigate the challenges of ADHD, but also to thrive with ADHD. Sharing our common experience with ADHD is empowering! As someone once said, "If you are struggling, then you need the meeting, and if you are doing well, then the meeting needs you!"


If ADHD didn't hold you back, what would you do in this world?

What does multi-modal treatment look like to you? Have you successfully treated your ADHD? If so, what worked in the past? How can you build on that?

What is your true voice? What is your song to sing? How can your journey inspire someone else?

Come blend your voice with ours, as we create a chorus of advocacy!

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