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Swimming Upstream: Living with ADHD

Ever feel like you’re swimming upstream or swimming against the tide? If so, you are not alone. Many people with ADHD feel this way!

I was recently on a cruise. One day while walking along a hallway, I noticed carpeting with fish swimming forward to help passengers remember which way the front of the ship was. As I looked at all of the gold fish moving in one direction, I noticed a few red fish swimming in the opposite direction! The little red fish, all by himself, might represent the journey of a great many people with ADHD. This could be you. Perhaps you:

  • Struggled in school, wondering why it took you twice as long as everyone else to complete your work.

  • Knew that you were smart, but couldn’t see how to get over the finish line like other people.

  • Are an entrepreneur, working from home, trying to stay on top.

  • Are a woman caring for a family, staying up late in order to get things done.

  • Are overwhelmed on the job, falling behind on emails and projects.

  • Are an adult who is newly diagnosed and are having a hard time navigating the treatment maze.

How does the little fish get turned around, in order to swim upstream? Some of the best ways to start swimming forward are to:

  • Get a diagnosis.

  • Explore medication options.

  • Check for learning challenges or disabilities.

  • Seek out behavioral interventions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy or coaching.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Eat an ADHD-friendly diet, which includes protein and fish oils.

  • Educate yourself about ADHD.

  • Join an ADHD community.

In a larger sense, swimming against the tide is not bad thing. It is, at times, downright necessary. Who wants to be like everyone else, anyway? You may wish to swim in another “school” or catch a different current. Knowing what you need to make it upstream, (that is, understanding how your ADHD shows up and learning what to do about it) will ensure that you get there. Swimming alongside other “red fish” will make you feel less alone. Your journey will be based on your own unique brain wiring. You will reach your destination, yet by a different path.

If you are tired of fighting the current, consider calling today for a complimentary coaching session!

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