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Tips for College Success

All parents desire to support their young people in growing up be self-standing adults. When your child has ADHD, and possibly other co-existing conditions, that can be a challenge. Historically they have needed more support! As parents, we want to move away from the cycle of dependency and encourage self-sufficiency.

Students with ADHD experience unique educational challenges. Succeeding academically demands strong executive functioning skills, such as being able to organize, manage time, utilize a planner, initiate tasks, solve problems, and complete homework. Not only that, but they must also be able to listen to and follow directions, remember what is read, memorize information, and study for tests. A student may be intelligent, but still be underachieving. Students with ADHD experience a performance deficit that is often situational. ADHD traits follow two-thirds of young people into adulthood. According to the National Resource Center on ADHD, young adults with ADHD are at risk for lower academic achievement, social problems, and greater job difficulties.

The transition from high school to college is can pose significant challenges. Doing well in high school doesn't necessarily mean that a student will do well in college. Information comes at a student at three times the pace in college. If a student has struggled in high school, they will most certainly struggle in college, where there is much less external support and structure.

We know that ADHD impacts every phase of development, as well as every area of life. Therefore it is important to build skills, whether they be academic or whole life skills. These skills might include learning how to pursue a job, finding a place to live, managing money, taking care of one's laundry, getting along with roommates, eating properly, getting enough sleep, and managing their own medication. When young adults put supports in place, with a strength-based approach, they can experience success!

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