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What Gifts Will you Unwrap this Year?

The best presents may be ones you give to yourself!

Many of us enjoy giving away nice gifts, whether for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or other occasions. But how often do we do the same for ourselves? The right gift can make a huge difference, especially when it’s tailored to you!

I was so proud of a client who told me this year she planned to buy and wrap gifts for herself so that she actually got what she wanted!

Explore Your Options

What gifts might you give yourself this year? Perhaps your focus might be on getting more sleep, eating better or exercising. It might be connecting with friends that you lost touch with. Maybe it’s going back to school or getting the business support that you need. It might be hiring a coach or an organizer to support you in this Covid-19 Era, or stepping forward to get an ADHD diagnosis.

Celebrate Your Successes

What do you feel good about as you think over the past year? It is important to celebrate successes, big and small. One client mentioned with each new year that she likes to do her own personal satisfaction inventory. After reviewing the past year, start looking forward. What would you like to say about your life one month from now, three months from now, or six months from now?

Befriend Baby Steps

Many people with ADHD shy away from goal-setting because they feel it to be overwhelming and unattainable. We might have not met goals that we set in the past, so we avoid making new ones. When you start with the big picture and work backward, you can break goals down into manageable steps. Plus, you don’t have to go it alone. Having objective and positive support, such as a coach, can make all of the difference in the world!

Consider One Word

What gift will you unwrap this year? One way to narrow your focus is to ask yourself what is missing in your life. I like to choose a word that represents what I need most. If you are someone who wants to work on exercise and eating right, your word may be “health.” If you have retired from a job and want to figure out what is next, your word might be “explore.” If you know that you want to move forward in your life but are afraid, your word might be "fearless". If you have been feeling isolated at home this year, your word may be “connect.” If you know that you need support in managing your ADHD, your word might be “partnership.”

Choosing a word can motivate us because it represents our “why.” It’s the reason we are doing something. This helps us to prioritize and to remember what is most important at this time.

Act on the Word

As you think about the upcoming day, consider your word. If your word is “health,” is there something in your day that represents that word? Exercise? Making a doctor’s appointment? Going to the health food store? A word narrows our focus and helps us move towards our goals.

What Will you Choose?

Like my friend, will you choose to wrap a few gifts for yourself this year, so that you actually get what you want? If you are not sure what you want, a coach can support you in figuring it out.

You can move forward this year!

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