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Track Time to See Where it Goes - When you have ADHD

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Logging time is the very best way to raise your time awareness. Financial planners ask clients to save receipts so they can see where their money is going. Likewise, logging time for a week will give you vital information. If that seems too overwhelming, try it for a few days or for part of a day. 

Think of a time of day in which you struggle, for example waking up and getting out the door in the morning. You might discover that you have many distractions that make it hard to stay on time. Or that once you arrive at work you get bogged down in emails at the start of the day, delaying other tasks that need to be done.

Some people do better with time on the job as it is structured, while others get behind on work projects and timelines. Many adults struggle at home, where there are so many varied tasks, including cooking, cleaning, driving kids to practices, etc. The work week is predictable and routinized as opposed to the weekends which are unstructured.

Try This

  • Track it. Track time without judgement. You are an objective observer, simply gathering information.

  • Notice it. Notice when you get behind. Is it at a certain time of day? What is going on at that time? Have your meds worn off? Are you too tired? Is it due to a transition? 

Ask Yourself

  • How well do I estimate time?

  • Where is my time going?

  • Does my use of time reflect what I value?

Become a master of managing your time when you schedule a free consultation today!

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